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BiVisibility Day 2014: What Bi Looks Like on Campus - Google+

TODAY: Sept 23 @ 2pm EST: Join Campus Pride for a special Google+ Hangout for Bi Visibility Day featuring Eliel Cruz from The Advocate Magazine. 

Join the Hangout now

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MTV's "Faking It" will feature an intersex character


Faking It, the MTV show about two girls whose classmates think they’re a couple, is breaking ground next season by featuring an intersex character.

In the show’s first season, the character Lauren, played by Bailey De Young, raises some questions for the “mysterious pills” she’s seen taking. Next season, it will be announced that she is taking hormones because she’s intersex.

"Part of the overall theme of Faking It is how hard it is to be your authentic self and how important it is to strive to do that," Covington told The Hollywood Reporter. “What I love about Lauren’s journey is that it’s so relatable. When it comes down to it she wonders: Will people know the real her or will they reject her? That’s something that everybody feels at some point. We all have worries that if we show someone else what’s going on inside that we’ll get rejected.”

This show is turning out to be a lot cooler than we originally thought (in some ways, at least). Have you seen it? What do you think?