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Introduction to Asexual Identities & Resource Guide

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Janet Mock joins Marie Claire magazine as contributing editor


Writer and activist Janet Mock will be joining the staff of Marie Claire magazine as a contributing editor, with her first piece appearing in the print magazine in the fall.

One of the first times Janet came into the public eye was in 2011, when her story about being a trans woman was published in Marie Claire magazine. That piece has been referred to over and over in her career, and while she has stated that it was imperfect, she’s returning to the magazine to tell more stories about what it means to be a woman. 

Mock writes in “Redefining Realness” that her success has resulted in what she calls “survivor guilt.” Since the publication of the essay in Marie Claire in 2011, Mock has become a national figure in the transgender movement. She knows that not all transgender women, and especially not all transgender women of color, have the kind of access she has to employment, health care and personal safety. She told Poynter that she hopes having been open and vulnerable in the book and in her other work will show other women that their stories matter and empower women to share those stories.

Fulenwider said she hopes that the magazine can be a place women see themselves, no matter who they are.

“People who have been kept in the shadows, or feel that they’ve been kept in the shadows, or who feel that they don’t have a public forum, or feel that they’ve had to hide, I hope will feel a bit more validated or just a part of the larger cultural conversation,” Fulenwider said. “You shouldn’t feel ashamed of who you are.”

Yes yes yes. ALL about elevating trans women/TWOC’s voices in mainstream women’s media, and Janet is the perfect person to start the movement.